Would you invest in @Lodgify?

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I have recently been asked to name a startup I would invest in and explain my reasons therefore. Although many startups came to my head, explaining the why isn’t that easy. Do I have an investment strategy? Do I have a preference for any sector, geography or the stage of investment? Do I have a programmatic way (as Tomasz Tunguz puts it) to analyze a startup? I don’t but rather trusted my gut feeling when thinking about startup investing.

It is not difficult to find some help here and build your own process. To name a few, authors, Rob Johnson, Antonio Manzanera and Mahendra Ramsinghani  for instance, have gathered the most common factors applied by investors in their initial assessment. I will focus on market and competitive advantage. For obvious reasons I will not analyze the team in my assesment, although most VCs agree that this is the most important factor. And now let’s move to my reasons.

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Ad Tech’s Future, A Quick Look at @criteo

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Andrew Frank, Research VP & Distinguished Analyst at Gartner, defines the Ad Tech industry as all technology that supports digital advertising activities. Of course, this is a general approach for a vast and complex industry, so I decided to set boundaries to my analysis and focus on customer engagement and conversion online (search and internet display marketing). This is why I chose to have a look at Criteo, a French Company listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market, which has important clients in this segment of the Ad Tech industry, such as Expedia, Ford, Hotels.com, IKEA, ING, L’Oréal Paris, Orange, Qatar Airways, Rakuten, Samsung, Sephora and Zalando.

Criteo compites on Internet display advertising, when the Advertiser pays an online company for space on one or more of the online company’s pages to display a static or linked banner or logo. This market accounted for $56.5 billion globally in 2014, while the total internet advertising spend (including search marketing, i.e. Google) was $122.1 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.5% through 2017.

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